Significant Progress

A new way for neuroprotection!

Dedicated to Significant Progress

At NeurAegis, our commitment to R&D is based on the development of first-in-class and best-in-class products in our therapeutic areas of focus. In the U.S., NeurAegis has a robust pipeline of products in clinical development, which is supported through our:

  • Focus on research and development in key therapeutic areas, including TBI and stroke. Within each therapeutic area, NeurAegis focuses on unsurpassed science and building networks of trust among physicians, patients and our partners.
  • Commitment to discovering and developing innovative therapies that address unmet medical needs in mild traumatic brain injury, which is also referred to as concussions, a problem, which has been made more acute with the identification of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football and hockey players.
  • Ability to maximize our broad research network to research and develop innovative drugs. At NeurAegis, we are committed to discovering novel biological targets and new chemical entities with unique mechanisms.
  • Dedication to growing our highly focused, efficient and scientifically meaningful development program.

Business & Operational strategy (WUHS licensing, Sublicensing for glaucoma, Partnering for chemistry).

NeurAegis' business and operational strategy is articulated around four main elements: i) its relationship with WUHS, ii) outsourcing of key operations, iii) segmenting its product opportunities, and iv) strategic sublicensing.

  • Relationship with WUHS

Partnership agreement

NeurAegis has entered into a partnership agreement with WUHS. Under the agreement, WUHS received Founder's shares and is entitled to royalties from product sales, either directly by NeurAegis, or indirectly by sublicensees. WUHS shall continue to pay for all patent costs until NeurAegis secures a minimum of $1M in equity funding, or enters into a sublicensing agreement with a third party whereby the third party would agree to pay for such patent costs. It is noteworthy to mention that no milestones or other cash payments related to any financing of any kind, which NeurAegis may receive from sublicensees, shall be due to WUHS.

Housing in University Incubator

NeurAegis is planning to take advantage of an incubator in Innovation Village close to the Campus of CalPoly Pomona, which WUHS is setting up, thereby speeding up the establishment of its lab facilities, while maintaining a critical link with the University.

Outsourcing of key operations

NeurAegis success will depend in a large part on a thorough structure-activity chemistry program. NeurAegis is planning to establish a collaborative program with an appropriate CRO company to design and synthesize new molecules with better properties than existing ones.

Segmenting product opportunities

As noted above, selective calpain-2 inhibitors may be useful in a broad range of pathologies, both acute and chronic. NeurAegis is planning its structure-activity chemistry program with the specific aim of designing NCEs (New Chemical Entities) optimized for certain formulations (IV, sc, oral, topical), for acute or chronic use, and for targeted organs when possible. This will allow NeurAegis to implement a business strategy based on carving out certain molecules for certain uses, for multiple sublicensing activities.

Strategic sublicensing. Glaucoma

As noted above, Dr. Baudry's laboratory has generated impressive data suggesting that one of its selective Calpain-2 inhibitors is highly protective in a mouse model for glaucoma. NeurAegis will seek to sublicense its molecules to an ophthalmology company.

NeurAegis intends to pursue this sublicensing strategy for other indications and formulations with other parties.